Monday Morning Meme: December 29, 2008

December 29th Questions:
Hosted by Write From Karen

1. When you are having a bad day, what do you do as a little ‘pick me up’? I like to get away from everyone and absorb myself in a good book or a video game. Or go to my room and hide.

2. How long have you been blogging? Who is your target audience? How often, if at all, do you think about quitting or taking an extended break? I have been blogging for at least 6 years but have only been serious about if for 23 years. I have not thought about quitting but I have thought about taking a break.

3. Think back over the past year. Tell us: five good things that happened in your life, three bad things that happened in your life. Now go through your blog archives and pick five posts that you personally liked/resonated with you, or, you would like to share with your new readers. Link to them, please.
My grandson was born, I got a new job in Wisconsin, I got a raise at my current job and a bonus.

My daughter and grandson moved to Virginia, The Man and I went through a very tough, heartbreaking rough spot in our relationship and I have been in pain 95% of the year.

1. Medical Issues
2. My Introduction
3. Being A Mother
4. Shannon is a Grandmother
5. Jeremiah’s First Easter

4. It’s a new year – a new beginning. Please finish this sentence: I will work very hard to make the following three things happen in 2009: (1) My move to Wisconsin will be smooth and easy. (2) Visit the doctor and get a hysterectomy. (3) Visit the dentist, get all my remaining teeth pulled and get dentures.


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