Queen’s Meme: The Last Time


When was the last time you……

rolled your eyes – today at work

Tied your shoe – This morning

reorganized your bedroom
– Last year

Took a walk in the park
– Last year

Chewed gum
– Last week

drew a stick person
– Last year

activated something
– Last Month

Took a photograph
– Last week

Drank a milkshake
– Yesterday

ate orange jello
– No idea

google mapped an address
– Yesterday

sang your favorite song
– Today

made a peace globe. (Please show us!)
– last year

Threw a baseball – Last summer

Fumbled with a button – Last week

answered the doorbell – Last year

Spilled your drink
– Yesterday

administered CPR
– 18 years ago

looked in the mirror
– Today

testified in court
– Many years ago

Made a sarcastic remark
– Today

Offered someone advice
– Today

Watched a sunrise or sunset
– Every morning on my way to work I watch the sun set

Were jealous
– Today

Smiled when you didn’t feel like smiling
– Today

Loved when you didn’t feel like loving
– Today

Ironed an article of clothing
– A few years ago

noticed you didn’t give a damn
– About a year ago

had a mammogram
– Never

Read your horoscope
– Yesterday

– Does a Swifer count?

Held someone’s hand
– Yesterday

Crossed a bridge
– Today

threw away a candy wrapper
– Today

Sat on a bench
– Yesterday

turned a page
– Today

tripped over your own 2 feet
– Today

dialed the wrong number
– Last week

Ignored a phone call
– Today

Kissed a bride
– Never

– In May

Rode a roller coaster
– Five or six years ago

you were really you
– Today

Cried yourself to sleep
– Last night

Were speechless
– Last week

rode a bus
– 10 years or more

went to a funeral
– August 2008

were right
– Today

– never

were left
– Many many years ago

– Today

bent over
– Today

sent a text message
– Today

Lit a candle
– A few months ago

Lost your temper
– Saturday of last week

fell off a horse
– Never

changed the oil in your car
– 21 years ago

Added a new FACEBOOK friend
– Last week

went bowling
– a few months ago

Laughed uncontrollably
– cant remember

Felt guilty
– Today

Looked up a word in the dictionary
– last week

returned from the point of no return
– 16 years ago

couldn’t remember your name
– Last week

surrendered to temptation
– This afternoon

felt genuinely happy
– Three years ago

saw a famous person
– Many years ago

kissed in a car
– Yesterday

Sent a greeting card
– Two weeks ago

used your passport
– Never

yelled at your television
– Last night

confided a secret
– Last year

changed your blog template
– Last year

danced like no one was watching
– Last week

wrote in cursive
– Earlier today

took a driving test
– 23 years ago

Backed up your computer files
– Last year

When was the last time you said this was the last time?
– Earlier today


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