Childhood Toys

Misty Dawn over at Camera Critters asked this question today…”What was your favorite childhood toy?”

My answer was:

I had a few favorite toys as a kid.   A Mrs. Beasley doll, a Mr. Merlin hand held game, a Rubix Cube and an Easy Bake Oven!  And I am sure there are many more I am forgetting.

My most favorite of all was a stuffed teddy bear that had a music box inside her tummy that I could wind up and listen to. She helped me sleep at night and to not feel alone.


One thought on “Childhood Toys

  1. I had so many, a doll named “Jelly Belly”, that was what the doll itself was called, someone stole it from me though 😦 I loved my Barbies and I collected the mini Mr. Potato Head family!! I miss them,lmao!

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