Thursday This or That

Drink: Coke or Pepsi?

I prefer to drink Diet Pepsi, but every now and then I have a Diet Coke. I also like to drink Sweet Iced Tea, Mocha Frappuccinos, and Ginger Ale.

At the movies: Popcorn or Goobers?

Hot, buttery popcorn. And maybe some chocolate but never Goobers.

iPhone or Android?

iPhone is preferable. My husband and son both have one. I still use a slide phone and my iPod.

80’s movie: Can’t Buy Me Love or Breakfast Club?

I like both but I will watch Breakfast Club over Can’t Buy Me Love.

Vacation: Camping in the mountains or White water rafting?

Camping in the mountains is my choice. White water rafting is too much work.

Email: Gmail or Yahoo?

I have both, but I use Gmail way more than I use Yahoo. For email, I think Gmail has a much better spam filter.


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