This Or That

Christmas lights: White or Colored?

I love white lights on a Christmas Tree and on the outside of the house.  To me the white lights are very serene.

Real tree or Fake?

I have decided that I prefer fake trees…easier to take care of, don’t have to haul them all over town, don’t have to worry about disposing of them and don’t have to worry about the dogs eating them.

Themed ornaments or Sentimental ornaments?

Sentimental ornaments are my preference. They have a much deeper connection to those I love.

Sugar cookies or Gingerbread Men?

Sugar Cookies with thick, yummy icing!

Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate?

I drink hot  chocolate all year long and only drink Egg Nog during the month of December.  Mainly because that is when the local stores sell it.


2 thoughts on “This Or That

  1. My mother likes the white lights but I’ve always felt they are not enough and so I prefer the color ones. As you know I love real Christmas trees, thankfully my dogs like to just sit under or near it and thats it. I like both kinds of ornaments and have both. I love Sugar Cookies & love hot chocolate too!

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