Thursday This Or That: Nemo’s Nails Without Pulp

Orange juice: Pulp or No Pulp?  No Pulp for me please.  The pulp in orange juice makes me gag.


Long or Short Nails? Short nails work best for me since I spent most of my day typing on a computer. I do like long nails and so does my hubby but due to work I stick with short nails.


Sunrise or Sunset? Both are beautiful but I prefer sunsets. In order to see the sunrise I have to be awake early in the morning…I prefer to sleep in.

Source: via Ivonne on Pinterest


CD’s or MP3 Players? MP3 players take up way less room in my house and I can store a lot of music that can travel with me.  I like having music I like at my fingertips.

Source: via Matt on Pinterest


Finding Nemo or Shrek?  Shrek is ok but Nemo is so much better.  I really like Dory in Finding Nemo…she is such a dingbat!


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