Just A Moody Music Monday


Moody Mondays #3 – This week we will talk about music!
What is your music mood?  Does your music mood change often? Or are you “set in your ways” when it comes to music? Do you use any of the online music sites like Pandora, Last.fm or Playlist?
I enjoy a wide variety of music and no, I am not set in my ways when it comes to music.  I like everything from AC/DC to Garth Brooks to ZZ Top  and everything in between. The music that I listen too each day depends on my mood.  If I am sad or depressed I listed to things like “Every Light in the House is On” by Trace Adkins or “What Hurts the Most” by Rascal Flatts.

On happy days I listen to music that makes me dance (check out some of the songs in my Playlist by going to http://www.playlist.com/shaycvs).  I listen to music that reminds me of people I love, music that reminds me of the past and music that make cry, smile, dance or just mellow out.
I have an account on Pandora plus I listen to it on my iPod.  I also have a few last.fm accounts but I can only remember my password for the one I have not used since December 2008! LOL.  


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