Thursday This or That

Nostalgic toy favorite: Barbie or Easy Bake Oven? I didnt play with Barbie’s much as a child.  But I did play with my Easy Bake Oven and I loved it.  I spent countless hours making and eating yummy treats.  I even made treats for my stuffed animals (though I had to be kind enough to “help” them eat their tasty snack).

Source: via Kayla on Pinterest

Never going anywhere or Never settling down?  Never going anywhere is good for me.  I would love to stay home all day and hide from this cruel world.

Peanuts or Cashews? Cashews are yummy delicious. I really like chocolate covered cashews.  Peanuts are best if they are peanut butter. 

Musical movie: Pete’s Dragon or The Sound of Music?  I actually like both but prefer to watch Pete’s Dragon over The Sound of Music.


Source: via Yvette on Pinterest

Tattoo location: Wrist or Lower back? I would prefer to have a tattoo on my wrist.  I think tats on the lower back look silly.


2 thoughts on “Thursday This or That

  1. I can take or leave peanuts but I live on peanut butter, especially on toast. Don’t think I’ve had chocolate covered cashews, but it sure sounds like a winning combo.

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