Thirteen For Thursday

(Swiped from Kwizgiver and  Sweet Memes)

1. Outside my window…it is dark and a little cloudy.

2. I am thankful…for my son, husband, dogs and brother.

3. In the kitchen… the dishes need put away.

4. I am wearing… my work clothes.

5. I am creating… this blog post.

6. I am going… to bed soon. I don’t feel well.

7. I am reading… “A Voice For Kanzas”, which I need to finish and blog my review.

8. I am learning… that being sick does not work so well the older I get.

9. I am pondering… if I should eat a snack before going to bed.

10. A favorite quote… “Every dog deserves a good home and every home deserves a dog.”

11. One of my favorite things… my pillow.

12. A few plans for the rest of the week… work, work and more work.

13. A peek into my day… See answer to number 12!


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