Moody Monday #22: Traveling

Hey Bloggers! Welcome Back To Moody Mondays!

This weeks Moody Mondays is Gas Prices and Traveling!

How much is gas per gallon in your area?
If you work, how do you get there? Personal vehicle? Public Transportation? Car Pool?
Do you be traveling much or does the cost of gas keep you home?
Where would you like to travel to by car? Bus? Train? Airplane?

Leave a comment and/or post answers in your own blog!
Happy Blogging!


One thought on “Moody Monday #22: Traveling

  1. Gas…well since we only have to fill up every month or so, if that…last time I checked here in Japan it was like $3.88 a gallon.
    I will travel and go where I want to, no matter the gas price, we don’t let that rule our lives.
    Well I prefer a plane due to it being fast and I will be taking the Shinkansen (Bulet Train) and a plane in November 🙂 I am going on a beach vacation to Asia’s Hawaii, Guam.

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