Thankful For….


As Thanksgiving draws near I look back on my life and reflect on people and things I am thankful for. Here is a list (that I will add to as time goes by) of what I am thankful for.

01. Colt, my son.
02. Vickie, my daughter.
03. Brian, my brother and only sibling.
04. Steve, my husband. 05. Shelby, my dog.
06. Annabelle, my dog that passed away this year.
07. Vickie Henson Pinkley, my mother, who passed away in 1991.
08. William “Bill” Pinkley, my father, who passed away in 1992.
09. Christina, my sister-in-law
10. Joseph, my nephew
11. Brandon, my nephew
12. Amy, my niece
13. Grandma Henson, passed away in 1982
14. Grandpa Henson, passed away in 1988
15. All my aunts, uncles and cousin.
16. Transportation.
17. My house
18. My friends that have stood by my side through thick and thin.
19. My job.
20. My computer, because it is a means of helping me to relax.


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