Time For Your Usual Boring Lunch? (West Coast Version)


Cute Overload

Yesterday we presented some Cute & Stylin’ Foodski from the Big J…just in time for East Coast Lunchtime. Today, the West Coast gets its shot at some tasty Japanese Cute Food, this time c/o Hana from Kawaii Kakkoii Sugoi. “We thought you might like our latest video, a tutorial on how to make Cute Shiba Inu Omurice!”

Not the usual PB&J, guys. “Omurice or omu-rice is an example of Yōshoku consisting of an omelette made with fried rice and usually topped with ketchup.” (Wikipedia.)

shibainushiba-inu-omurice-kawaii-kakkoii-sugoi-00shiba-inu-omurice-kawaii-kakkoii-sugoi-01shiba-inu-omurice-kawaii-kakkoii-sugoi-02shiba-inu-omurice-kawaii-kakkoii-sugoi-03Oh, and then there’s always DESSERT!


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