Hoppy Halloween From Texas, Y’all!

Such cute bun buns!

Cute Overload

Folks, this be the final Bunday before Halloween. So we had to get these Hallo-Bunz out there, from Betsy of the North Texas Rabbit Sanctuary. Even Da Bunz are bigger in Texas. Y’all.


“I just had to share with you these photos from our latest Spa Day fundraiser!”


“After being groomed, receiving nail trims, and the obligatory (yet dreaded) ear, eye and nose check..”


“..the Buns got to pose in front of the fireplace with our pro-photographer from (PLUG ALERT) Westfall Images.”


“The images were so pet-able and furry I just had to share.”


“Not too many pictures of ‘Tocks however- I hope the pumpkins make up for it.” [They do. Ed]


“The photographer is too well trained to capture the front of his subjects. (He needs some Tock-Training I guess.)”


“Thanks for brightening our day with cute photos so consistently!!”


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RIP 2 Giant George

Rest in Peace Giant George! 😦

Cute Overload

Sad news to report on a Saturday, folks- Giant George has passed away. He died on the 17th, according to his Facebook page.

Guinness recognized him in 2010 as the Tallest Doggeh Evah.

He could get up to 7′ 3″ on his hind legs!

He was 43″ tall from paws to shoulders.

Georgie ate 110 pounds of dog food per month.

And he even slept in his own queen-size bed.

Photos from Mail Online, with additional info from Examiner.com.

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Move Over Grumpy Cat, It’s Derpy Bun!

So cute!

Cute Overload

“Buckwheat has a health condition called ‘Head Tilt’ which left his head at that jaunty angle after an infection messed with his balance centers. But 2 years later he’s adjusted just fine.” -Wendy Z.

Bunny fostered by Elise M. from the Red Door Shelter in Chicago. Photo by Nicole M.

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‘Tocktober is for the Dogs!

Visit your local shelter today!

Cute Overload

Dogs. They happen to be America’s most popular pet, and the American Humane Society has made October Adopt-A-Dog Month. We think that makes a lot of sense, because dogs happen to be ‘Tocktober’s most popular ‘tocks! So now it’s official, dog gone it!

“This is Kafka from Poland, my French bulldog laying on my mom’s lap. Love your website, I start my day with it.” -Anna.

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!Aye, Chihuahua!

Happy Cinco De Mayo!!!!

Cute Overload

CHIHUAHUA03 CHIHUAHUA QUEENTomorrow may be Cinco De Mayo, but today’s the day for the annual Cinco de Mayo Festival & Chihuahua Races in Chandler, AZ. The event started at 10am. (It’ll be mid-90’s by the 2pm PT race time– bring water & sunscreen!)

Here are the 2012 highlights.

According to the website, “The annual Cinco de Mayo Celebration presented by Si Se Puede Foundation honors the Hispanic community’s many contributions to the City of Chandler. The festival also features the popular Chihuahua Races and the crowning of the King and Queen Chihuahua.”

The event is located here and runs now ’til 5pm PT, with the races at 2.

PFF (Pyrit Fave Frame:)

Screen Shot 2013-05-04 at 8.53.58 AM
Thumbnail Pawnail by AzCentral.com. Photos 2 and 3 from Downtown Chandler.org. Special Editorial Thanx to Pyrit McPyritsons for the last minute ZOOM-IN photo aseest.

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May The Fourth Be With You

Happy Star Wars Day!

Cute Overload

We’ll only have one chance to destroy the Death Star, Pixel. You’re our only hope.


“We wanted to share our cute little Padawan Pixel all dressed up for May the Fourth! Be a Jedi soon, he will!! Hope you enjoy, and may the fourth be with you!” -Pixel, Brett, and Claudia.


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The Ballad of Ned the Pug

Ned is a cutie!!!

Cute Overload

(Cue 60’s girl-group music)

When I saw him in his motor scooter,
I thought “This boy couldn’t get no cuter”
So I said “Hey baby, let me take you home”
And he said “No dice, darlin’ — I ride alone”
He squashed my heart like a bug,
His name was Ned the Pug.

Shoo-bee-doo-waaaahhh, Kate E.

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