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History…(reposted from www.spartabutterfest.com
SPARTA FESTIVALS was incorporated on February 14th, 1984. It was formed for the purpose to raise funds and conduct fundraising projects for the advancement of the general welfare of the City of Sparta.

In 1982-83, Mayor Thomas Gomez wanted something done for Sparta’s Bi-Centennial celebration. A group of local citizens got together and created a small festival for that year. After it was over, the group decided that Sparta needed some type of festival held annually. The group expanded and worked on creating a legal Incorporation with the State and wrote By-laws for SPARTA FESTIVALS INC.

When the annual festival was created, it was on a very small scale. There were no funds and the City of Sparta pledged $3,000 for the first year event. The next two years the festival group borrowed $1,500 from local banks.

In 1984 the festival was called Sparta Fest Days. In 1985 it was changed to Sparta Butter Festival as Sparta was well known for it’s State Award Winning Butter Makers who worked at the local milk plant. A few years later it was changed to Sparta Butter Celebration and in 1992 it was changed to Sparta Butterfest.

In 1985, the first Miss Sparta Scholarship Pageant was established and Michelle Karbula was crowned the first Miss Sparta. Initally, for the first few years, the Miss Sparta Pageant was part of the Miss America Pageant family. In the early 90’s, the Miss Sparta Pageant was taken over by the SPARTA FESTIVALS committee and all scholarship money each year is funded by Sparta Butterfest. This allowed all contestants to win some level of scholarship money. A few years ago the Pageant family was expanded by creating a Little Miss Sparta and Junior Miss Sparta Pageant.

Also, in 1985, the Sparta Butterfest Festmasters program was created and Jim Creviston was named the first Festmaster. Jim’s choice was based on that he was a State Award-Winning Butter Maker at Sparta’s local milk plant. In 1992, the first Sparta Butterfest Festmaster’s Reception was held with a dinner and dance. This annual event is when the new Sparta Butterfest Festmaster is introduced.

In 1999, Sparta Butterfest named a Parade Marshal. The Sunday Sparta Butterfest Parade draws thousands of people and is the most celebrated event of the 3-day Butterfest celebration. The first Parade Marshall was Kay Johnson. Kay coordinated the parade for many years and with her expertise, the Sparta Butterfest Parade quickly became one of the best and most popular parades in the area. Over 150 entries participate in the parade each year.

In 2005, the Sparta Butterfest Royal Family expanded again with the creation of the Lady Butterfest program. Lady Butterfest is co-sponsored by the Sparta Festivals Committee and the Miss Sparta Pageant Committee. This honor goes to a female from Sparta who has made an indelible mark on the City with her volunteer and career work. Joan Cook was named the very first Lady Butterfest.

At this time, Sparta Festivals Inc. has a $90,000 budget annually to put on Sparta Butterfest. The revenue collected during the 3-day event goes back into the community in a variety of donations. Over $320,000 has been given back to the community over the years from Sparta Butterfest. Over the years, projects we’ve donated to include a new Boy & Girls Club, a new Community Center, a new building at Evans-Bosshard Park, Badger State Boys & Girls programs, Franciscan Skemp Healthcare Foundation, upgrades in electrical boxes in Memorial Park, Boy Scouts program, School programs and thousands of dollars given to area civic organizations’ projects.

Sparta Festivals Inc. meets every 3rd Tuesday of the month, except in June and December and people are encouraged to join the organization. For more information, just fill out the “Contact Us” on this web site.

Sparta Butterfest takes place the 2nd weekend of June each year. Come One, Come All and Experience Hometown Hospitality and Just Plain Family Fun!

Friday Fun: Holiday Edition

Friday Fun
Hosted by Kiki

Kiki says…”This year, the economy in its current state has really hurt a lot of people. So this week’s meme is about spreading holiday cheer on a budget!”

1. Did you do the so fun Black Friday shopping? Did you get any really good deals? The only shopping I did on Black Friday was grocery shopping. The crowds are too much to deal with and I wish I had waited until the day after to do my shopping.

2. Does your family do gifts for everyone or do you draw names? My family is not that big so we tend to do gifts for everyone. Depending on how things are financially we may put spending limits on the gifts.

3. About how many people do you have to gift this year? I have about 15 people to purchase gifts for, my children, brother, his wife and kids, my in-laws and The Man are included.

4. How about that big holiday meal? That can get pricey so how do you save some money and still put on a great meal? We don’t really have a huge meal. Turkey (or ham), stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn, dinner rolls, pies, cake, candies. It doesn’t have to be elaborate…just yummy and fulfilling!

5. What are your top 5 tips for saving money this year on gifts? I always love finding something new and different!
~Shop early
~Browse stores online before going out shopping.
Look for bargains
~Know what you are looking for and find out the best place to purchase it.
~If you are going to multliple stores plan your trip ahead of time. Take into consideration peak shopping times and eat before you leave the house.

Friday Fun: The Spooky Edition

Friday Fun
Hosted by Kiki

1. Do you dress up with your kids or do you leave it to them?
When the children were younger I would dress them up and dress up myself and go out trick-or-treating. We always had fun even though we were really tired by the end of the night.

2. Do you have any special things you do on Halloween? No

3. What is the most creative costume you have seen? I have seen someone dress up as the “Stay Puff Marshmallow Man” from the movie Ghostbusters! Too Funny!

4. Favorite candy? Chocolate!

Friday Fun: The Music Edition

Friday Fun: The Music Edition
Hosted by Kiki

They say that music can bring out powerful emotions or memories in a person. I know that can be very true for me!

1. What are 5 songs that will forevermore remind you of high school?
~Aerosmith, “Crazy”
~Motley Crue, “Dr. Feelgood”
Poison, “Every Rose Has It’s Thorns”
~Debbie Gibson, “Wake Up To Love”
~Bon Jovi, “Bad Medicine”

2. Do you have “a song” with that special someone? What is it and how did it become “your” song?
Steve and I don’t really have one. My favorite song is “Angel Eyes” by the Jeff Healey Band and Steve likes it too. Does that count?

3. Is there a song out there that just seems to speak to you?
“What Hurts The Most” By Rascal Flatts

4. What song just gets you moving and makes you happy?
There are a lot of songs that make me happy and get me moving. Hummm….let me rack my brain and pick just one. How about…”Gonna Make You Sweat” by C&C Music Factory

5. What is your favorite genre of music?
I like a wide variety of music but if I have to pick just one genre then I choose Rock.

Friday Fun: It is ME Time!

Friday Fun: The All About Me Edition
Hosted by Kiki

1. What is your idea of a perfect relaxing day? Being at home all alone, sleeping in as late as I want. When I wake up I sit around reading or playing on the computer and listen to the silence.

2. Your first real boyfriend/girlfriend,… do you look back fondly or do you get the shudders? Where are they today? I look back on those days fondly I guess…no hard feelings. I have no clue where he is today.

3. What was your favorite subject in school? Lunch! Hehe But I also enjoyed reading and math.

4. What is your favorite show on TV? Favorite book? Favorite song?
TV – Heroes, CSI, Good Eats and Iron Chef America
Book – Gone With The Wind, anything by Stephen King
Song – “Angel Eyes” by the Jeff Healy Band

5. My husband’s only real competion is Wentworth Miller from Prison Break. Who is your celebrity crush?
Greg Grunberg (Matt Parkman) from the show Heroes!!!

6. Since I got my first gray hair at 16, Miss Clairol and her friends are my close, personal friends! What about you? To dye or not to dye the hair? If so, what color is your natural hair (if you remember!) and what color do you dye it? I have never dyed my hair but lately I have been thinking about doing just that. I have a lot of gray hair and I am so not ready for it.

Friday Fun: The Fours Edition

Name 4,…

1. Places you would like to visit and why.
Ireland – to see the land my ancestors lived.
Hawaii – to see its beauty.
Las Vegas – to lose some money.
Wisconsin – to see family.

2. Favorite things to munch on!
Cherry Garcia Ice Cream
Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
Cheddar Cheese Chex Mix

3. Favorite sites for online shopping.
Wal Mart
JC Penny’s

4. Things you have to get done this weekend.
Scrub the toilet
Give the dogs a bath

5. Things that pop up when you google your name.
Claude Shannon
Shannon Airport
You Tube – Shannon – “Let The Music Play”
Shannon Tweed

Friday Fun: Friendship Edition

Friday Fun: Friendship Edition
Hosted by Kiki

1. Are you still close to your childhood friends? How have those friendships changed? I am close to two of my childhood friends. We have all matured, have children, and live miles apart.

2. Do you think online friendships can be as close as IRL friends? Why or why not? I think online friendships can be close but not as close as those in “real life”. Online friends get to see a few sides of you but offline, in person friends see all sides of you. A best friend even know what you look like when you wake up in the morning or what you look like drunk!

3. A lot of people think that marital problems should stay private. While sometimes that might be true, I don’t think it is always so. Sometimes you just need to talk it out with a friend. What is your feeling on the subject?
I don’t think marital problems should stay private. Everyone one needs someone to talk to and that person cannot always be your spouse or significant other. You have to be able to vent out your frustrations.

4. Have you ever felt betrayed by a friend? Were you able to work through it or did it end the friendship?
I have been betrayed by a few friends and the friendship in all cases were over. I was not able to trust them again.

5. Do you have friends from days past that you wish were still in your life?
I cannot really think of any. The friends I have are still friends because I can trust them and they stand by me no matter what. Those that are no longer my friends are gone for a reason and probably need to stay gone.