Saturday Shopping

Today was a good day.  My son and I went shopping and had a late lunch.  The stores we visited were, Good Will (love this place for clothes in my size),  The Mall  (JC Penny and The Kitchen Store), and Wal Mart.  While at the Mall we also stopped at Dairy Queen and had a vanilla ice cream cone dipped in chocolate…yummy!

For our late  lunch we went to Taco Bell.  I had Nacho Bell Grande and Colt had a grilled stuffed burrito.  I think next time we will go to Taco Johns since TJ’s has better burritos.

The weather for the day was mostly overcast with a little rain but that is ok. I enjoy spending time with my son.

Isn’t he handsome!

The Moon Was Stalking Me

Yes, you read the title right. The moon was stalking me. The sky was clear for two whole nights during the moon’s “full” stage a week or so ago.  Lucky for me I was up at o’dark thirty to go to work and I got to see Mr. Moon two days in a row.

The first morning, the moon was rather low in the sky. I snapped the following picture as I was getting in to my Jeep to start the day.  Mr. Moon was just down the street, glaring at me!


I waved and said good morning.  I guess Mr. Moon appreciated being acknowledged because he followed me to work. I didn’t take a photo when I got to work because my iPod does not take photos well enough to do the moon justice.

On the second morning, the moon was a little higher in the sky.


He followed me to work again and this time I talked to him the entire way. I am sure if anyone could hear me they would think I am crazy. And who knows, maybe I am crazy. I have been called worse (a lot worse)

Story of a Sneaky Husband

Last Tuesday was Valentine’s Day.  Well, as many of you know, I do not like Valentine’s Day. It has always been a horrible holiday thanks to my childhood experiences.  I posted the following on a previous post…

I don’t like Valentine’s Day and I don’t think I ever have. I prefer to celebrate this holiday by ignoring it but I have found that it is hard to ignore. Every store you go to puts Valentine related stuff in your face. Advertisements, cards, treats, gifts and more offer promises of everlasting love. I think it is all bullshit!

I think my dislike for Valentine’s Day began many, many years ago in Elementary School. Each year the teacher would force all students to bring in a decorated shoebox for our Valentine’s Day party. Students would be given a list of names of every student in their class and were expected to make a Valentine to give to each one on the list. I would work hours to pick out the perfect little valentine card for each person. I was always so excited to give them out as school…only to be disappointed at peoples comments about my cards. Kids can say some really mean and hateful things. While I don’t remember the exact words, I do remember how much they hurt and how totally alone I always felt.

But I digress.  For Valentine’s Day this year I stopped at Dairy Queen on the way home from work to get Hubby and I a treat.  I got Hubby a Peanut Buster Parfait and for myself I got a Choco Cherry Love Blizzard.

When I got home I made hubby close his eyes and then I placed his treat in his hand. The smile on his face when he opened his eyes made my day.  My day got even better when I turned around and went into our computer room.  Sitting on my desk was the following items:



Now to some of you this may not be something all that great.   But to me it meant the world! 🙂  Why?  Well, there are several reason why it means so much to me.

  1. Hubby knows I don’t like Valentines Day but yet he tried to make it special for me.
  2. Because Hubby is not suppose to walk due to having foot surgery last month, and is not suppose to leave the house.  Which means he actually planned out how to get gifts for me.
  3. Hubby got these items for me because he wanted to and not because he was forced to

So, he was rather sneaky this Valentine’s Day…and it makes me love him even more.

Right Now…

(Swiped from Sweet Memes, who swiped it from Kwizgiver)

1. I am thinking … about what a super long and stressful day I have had.

2. I am thankful for … my husband, my children, my in-laws, my brother and my dogs.

3. From the kitchen … and back again.  I had to get a Diet Pepsi.

4. I am wearing … sleep pants, sleep shirt and my husband’s robe.

5. I am creating … this blogpost.

6. I am going … to have to drive my mother-in-law’s car to work tomorrow because my Jeep won’t start (again). The Jeep is in the shop to get a new start.

7. I am reading … another James Patterson novel. “The 9th Judgement”

8. I am hoping … to hire someone to help clean the house for us now that I’m working full-time.

9. I am hearing … Lizard Lick Towing on TruTV.

10. Around the house … there is just too much too do and only me to do it all.

11. One of my favorite things … is crawling into my nice warm bed after a long day.

12. A few plans for the rest of the week … work, work and more work.

13. A picture to share …

Source: via Gina on Pinterest

All About Me Survey

All About Me Survey

I Am – tall, fat and happy most of the time.
I Want – peace, quiet and happiness.
I Have – two children and two dogs.
I Wish – there was a cure for psorisis.
I Hate – MRSA.
I Fear – death.
I Hear – SWTOR and WoW in the background.
I Search – for answers.
I Wonder – when I will find those answers.
I Regret – not telling my mother how much I love her.
I Love – my husband, children, dogs, brother, in-laws, nieces and nephews.
I Ache – in my hands and feet.
I Always – do my best to be kind.
I Usually – take a Hot Pocket to work for lunch.
I Am Not – skinny.
I Dance – when no one is looking.
I Sing – when I take a shower.
I Never – have been para-sailing but would love to go.
I Rarely – look in the mirror because I do not like what I see.
I Cry – when I see or hear about an abused child or animal.
I Am Not Always – happy with myself.
I Lose – my car sometimes when I park in a large parking lot.
I’m Confused – as  to why there is so much stupidity in this world.
I Need – someone to love me unconditionally.
I Should – really loose a lot of weight.
I Dream – of being debt free.

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Happy Hugging Day


A Simple Hug
by Johnny Ray Ryder Jr

There’s something in a simple hug
That always warms the heart;
It welcomes us back home
And makes it easier to part

A hug’s a way to share the joy
And sad times we go through,
Or just a way for friends to say
They like you ’cause you’re you

Hugs are meant for anyone
For whom we really care,
From your grandma to your neighbor,
Or a cuddly teddy bear

A hug is an amazing thing –
It’s just the perfect way
To show the love we’re feeling
But can’t find the words to say

It’s funny how a little hug
Makes everyone feel good;
In every place and type,
It’s always understood

And hugs don’t need new equipment,
Special batteries or parts
Just open up your arms


OFFICIAL SITE FOR National Hugging Day:

Hug Day Info: 

Eeeeeeek! Zombies Are Coming!

What are your chances of surviving a Zombie Apocalypse?

Read more about being prepared for a Zombie Apocalypse at

Zombieland Rules…

  1. Cardio
  2. The Double Tap
  3. Beware of Bathrooms
  4. Wear Seat Belts
  5. No Attachments
  6. The “Skillet”
  7. Travel Light
  8. Get a Kick Ass Partner
  9. With your Bare Hands
  10. Don’t Swing Low
  11. Use Your Foot
  12. Bounty Paper Towels
  13. Shake it Off
  14. Always carry a change of underwear
  15. Bowling Ball
  16. Opportunity Knocks
  17. Don’t be a hero (later crossed out to be a hero)
  18. Limber Up
  19. Break it Up
  20. It’s a marathon, not a sprint, unless it’s a sprint, then sprint
  21. Avoid Strip Clubs
  22. When in doubt Know your way out
  23. Zipplock
  24. Use your thumbs
  25. Shoot First
  26. A little sun screen never hurt anybody
  27. Incoming!
  28. Double-Knot your Shoes
  29. The Buddy System
  30. Pack your stain stick
  31. Check the back seat
  32. Enjoy the little things
  33. Swiss army Knife