Monday Mayhem: Cute Puppy Whistle

Join Us for Monday Mayhem

Q1. Do you think Donald Trump has a chance at becoming President of the US? Sure…he has enough money.
Q2. What’s the best way to pile on the calories? Eat all the chocolate in the house.
Q3. What’s the best way to burn those calories? Partake in some wild and crazy sex!

Monday Mayhem – March 21, 2011

Join Us for Monday Mayhem
1. Are you concerned at all with the possibility that radiation leaks could head your way?

Not really

2. What is the one thing that you will always go cheap on?


3. What would you buy that price would have no limit?

Nothing I can think of

4. Name a TV show that could be about the stupidest thing ever.

The Bold and The Beautiful

5. What is the strangest thing you have ever eaten?


6. If it were really hot out and you were at the beach, would you go in the water even if it was dirty or full of jellyfish?


7. Can you teach old dogs new tricks or is it just not worth the effort?

Yes you can and yes it is worth the effort.

8.What makes comfort foods taste so good?

The person that prepares the food.

9. How do you like your steak cooked?

Medium Well

10. Have you ever stepped on something and had it stuck in your foot?

Yes, a nail…OUCHIE!!!!

11. We’re looking for viral video theme ideas. What’s your best idea for a viral video day?

Best 80’s Songs

12. What is your twitter handle? Can we follow you?

Shaycv and yes  you may.

Monday Mayhem – Mom

Join Us for Monday Mayhem

1. How old is your Mom? If she has passed away, how old would she be? Mom would have been 60 years old on May 1st.

2. What is/was your Moms worst habit? Yelling at me.

3. What famous person does/did your Mom resemble? I need to research this one…not sure who she looked like.

4. What would be one meal that you would love for your Mom to cook for you right now? Chicken & Dumplings with Mississippi Mud Cake for dessert!

5. Was your Mom a Stay at Home Mom or did she have to go to a work/job (and yes, Mayhem understands and knows that being a Stay at Home Mom is work/job) when you were growing up? Mom was a stay at home mom until I started high school. Then she started working to have “fun money”.

6. If you could change one thing about your Mom what would it be? She would be here beside me.

7. Did you ever make your mom cry? if so, explain. All the time and still does. I miss her very much!

8. Have you ever told a lie to your Mom to protect yourself or someone else? If yes, have you come clean and told your Mom the truth? I told a lot of lies but I also told her the truth about a few things.

9. What is the one thing that you most admire about your Mom? She put up with my father!

10. In 10 words or less, describe your Mom. Beautiful, smart, gone, lovely, sad at times and never forgotten.