Monday’s A Bitch: Movie of My Life

Monday’s A Bitch
The Movie of Your Life in 2008
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1. What would be the title? “Living It Up Redneck Style”
2. What would be the tag line? “and you thought you had it rough”
3. Who would be the main characters? Who would you cast to play them? My parents, grandparents, brother, children, tons of aunts/uncles/cousins and some wild & crazy friends. I would probably use the cast from Pork’s or Animal House.
4. What would be the climax in the story? Moving to the big city and finding a real life
5. What song would play for the closing credits? “18 Wheeler” by Alabama

Monday’s A Bitch: Random Joy

Monday’s A Bitch
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1. What are your thoughts on chastity? Chasity has its pros and cons and I think it depends on the individual person and the choices he or she make. In today’s world it more and more people have sex before marriage and I see nothing wrong with that…it is their choice.

2. How many days do you think you could go with only your computer for company? I would be fine with only my computer for company and I could probably last a few weeks, a month or even more. Eventually I would be super lonely and seek human companionship.

3. What, in your opinion, is the exact opposite of butter? I think margarine is the exact opposite of butter.

4. Have you ever seen the musical “Cats”? If so, what did you think of it? I have not seen the musical “Cats” but I would like to.

5. What’s the #1 thing on your wish list this holiday season?
I want a new watch. Currently I don’t wear one because my old one broke and it is rather annoying to not have one.

Monday’s A Bitch: Pop

Monday’s A Bitch
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Thanks to fgg_1 for this week’s set!


1. If you had to join a pop band, which one would it be? Maybe Fall Out Boy or Blink 182

2. Go back to the early 00’s. Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera? Why? Back then I liked them both but Britney stood out more. Christina was more of a one hit wonder to me.

3. Hanson or Jonas Brothers? Hanson

4. Backstreet Boys or N’Sync? Why? Both…they pretty much sound the same and they both have hot guys in the band.

5. What’s the most embarrassing CD or song you own? Vanilla Ice and Milli Vanilli

Monday’s A Bitch: Celebrity Puppetry

Monday’s A Bitch
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1. If you had to marry an ugly actor/actress, who would you choose?
Mike Myers or Christopher Walken

2. If you were a pimp, what three celebrities would you want as your ho’s? (Male or female)
Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez and Tom Cruise

3. What two celebrities would you like to see in a death match? Oprah and Dr. Phil

4. If you could cast any two celebrities in a porn movie, who would you choose? (Bonus points if you can come up with a good movie spoof title!) “Take This Job and Shove It” starring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

5. What actor or actress (or other non-musical celebrity) would you like to see record a solo album? Mike Myers

Monday’s A Bitch: Bedtime

Monday’s A Bitch
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1. What time do you usually go to bed on weekdays? 11:00pm

2. Has anyone ever told you about bad habits you have during sleep? (Snoring, talking, kicking etc?)
I have been told that I talk in my sleep and that I toss and turn a lot. I am sure that I snore also and I sleep with my mouth slightly open.

3. Do you prefer your sleeping environment to be warm and snug, or cool and crisp?
I like my blankets to be warm and snug but for the air outside my blankets to be a little cooler.

4. What was your favorite bedtime story as a child?
“Where The Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak

5. Is there anything unusual that you often do while in bed? (Unusual meaning something other than sleeping, reading, naughty fun etc.) Nothing that I can think of.

Monday’s a Bitch: Monster Mash

Monday’s A Bitch
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1. Have you ever fallen victim to a Halloween prank(ie.smashed pumpkins,egged house)?
I have had the pumpkins on my front porch smashed before but I don’t think it was out of spite. I have TP’d (toliet papered) someones house before and done a few other Halloween pranks.

2. Do you lean more towards homemade costumes,or store bought?
As a child mom usually made our costumes but as we got older it was easier to buy them. For my own children it always depended on what they wanted to be that year.

3. Have you read Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein? If so,did you enjoy it?
Yes, I have read it. I enjoyed it. And I think I need to read it again…it has been awhile.

4. How long do you think you would last in a horror movie?
The director would probably kill me off in the first scene or two LOL.

5. If you were to be bitten,would you rather be turned into a vampire or a werewolf?
I think I would rather be a vampire because werewolves have too much hair.

Monday’s A Bitch: Name Game

Monday’s A Bitch: The Name Game (On Crack) V 2.0
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1. You are the founder of a new scientific lab for medical research. What do you name it?
The name of my new scientific lab would be Pi-Haz…a combination of my maiden name and my current last name.

2. You begin a sexual affair with one of your co-workers. What do you name their genitals?
I would not have an affair with a co-worker…that is just too gross. BUT IF I did I would name it George.

3. The unfortunate result of this affair is that you discover a new disease on your lab partner’s genitals. What are the symptoms and what do you call it? The Pink Haze.

4. The disease turns into an epidemic that almost wipes out the population of your city. What do you call this sad day to commemorate it? The Pink Haze Craze.

5. After efforts to control the disease are unsuccessful, the human race is forced to relocate to a new planet. As the founder of the lab which was responsible for discovering the disease that destroyed humanity, the task of naming this planet falls to you. What do you name it? I would name it Beyond…as in Beyond Earth.