Situation Sunday #60: June 15, 2008

Situation #1: Your spouse has just won the lottery. Before you got married you signed a pre-Nup. Now that they have won 50 million they decide they don’t want to share the life with you any more……What do you do? I would leave him and move on. I didn’t have the money before and could care less about it now. I didn’t marry him for his money. May he be happy with his money and new life.

Situation #2: About 5 years ago you had a relationship with this guy, it lasted about a year. It didn’t seem to last and it ended. Your phone rings one night and there is this woman on the other end crying, she says she is living with him going on 3 years now. He has started to talk a lot about you and has put pictures out around the house of the 2 of you. You have no clue as to why, you have not spoken to him in 5 years…….How do you handle it? I would tell her that I have not spoken to him in 5 years and that I do not want to hear from him or her again. The two of them need to deal with it if they want to have any type of relationship. And she needs to put her foot down (or up his ass) and ask him to remove the photos and to shut up about me. He is an ex for a reason and I prefer that he stays an ex.

Situation #3: You have been chatting awhile on line, at one of the numerous dating sites. You think you have met Mr. or Mrs. Wonderful, your soul mate. You are about to meet at a very nice restaurant,after 7 months of deep serious chat. When you get there you realize that your date is a Siamese Twin. They are attached at the head. One is facing one way, and the other the opposite. What do you do? I would continue with the date. We must have some things in common or we would not be meeting in person. I tend to not judge people by how they look or how they dress. I am more worried about how they treat me and my children, and if they are a good person inside 🙂

Situation Sunday: June 1, 2008

Situation # 1:
You and a close friend are out on a Holiday together. You have gone to a remote town in Alaska. On this day the weather is beautiful, it is a rare 50 degree day, and have decided on a hike. You both have ventured out of town, about 1 mile out. You are picture taking and slowly realize a Polar bear is standing 50 feet away from you. He is on the trail back to town…….he comes towards you and the only thing in front of you is the edge of a cliff. What would you do…..

If he is being aggressive then I don’t have much choice on what to do. I won’t jump of the cliff unless there is a ledge nearby to land on. Maybe if I just stand really still he won’t notice me! Or maybe I can just move really slow the along the top of the cliff and he wont see me.

Question 1:
What is your favorite way to spend your day off?
I like to sit around the house and do nothing work related. I watch movies, read, play on the computer, play with the dogs or play video games.

Situation Sunday: May 25, 2008

Situation # 1:
Your brother and his wife are taking a trip out of the country, for a second honeymoon. They are going to be gone 2 weeks and have asked you to watch the 2 boys, ages 12, and 15. The 3rd day there the youngest gets mad for you not letting them spend all there time playing X-box, and storms into their room. You give them time to cool off and go check on them……They have snuck out a window, night comes and they still are not there……What do you do?

I would not wait until night to go looking for the kid. I would search the house entirely inside and outside then call his friends to see if they have seen him. If I am not able to find him I will call the police so that they are aware of the situation.

Situation # 2:
You are out hiking in a State Forest…..You and a friend….Three miles into the woods you come across what looks like a crashed UFO……What do you do?

I would be kind of freaked out at first but then I would calm down and call the local authorities (if I have my cell phone with me). Otherwise I would hike back out and find the local authorities.

Situation # 3:
You are staying out to your brothers watching his children. Your boyfriend gets jealous of the bond family has with you. He refuses to go biking ,hiking or anything. He says he might go boating but refuses to let you bring the kids…..What do you do?

I would tell the boyfriend to piss off. Family comes first and if he can’t be a part of the family then he can’t be a part of my life. My love comes as a package deal…if you love me you have to love my kids, grandkid, dogs, my brother and my family.

Situation Sunday # 57

Situation # 1:
You are relaxing at the dock on the Atlantic Ocean. basking in the sun and enjoying the day. You fall asleep and when you awake the dock has broken away from shore. You are out to sea, and in the far distance you can see land and where you started from. You also see Dorsal fins near by. What do you do?

Hopefully I have my cell phone with me so that I can call for help. If not, then I will just stay calm and stay on the dock, floating until it is safe to swim (or hand paddle) to the shore. I will also listen for planes or boats so that I may signal for help.

Situation # 2:
You happen to be shopping in a near by town. As you are seated in a small cafe’, You happen to notice a neighbor’s child. They are 14 years old, and with clearly a older person in their late 30’s. Someone you have never seen around there house, or at any picnics you have been invited to. They are holding hands and getting a little touchy feely, what do you do?

I would say hello to the child and make small talk for a few minutes so that I can assess the situation. I would also introduce myself to the adult and try to find out who they are and if they know the parents. I think I would call the parents also to see if they know what is going on.

Situation # 3: As graduations are approaching your X’s in laws have invited you to their youngest graduation party. You have always been close, but clearly this is something you do not want to do- Nor do you want to see your X, What do you tell them?

I would politely decline the invitation but I would send a gift the child that is graduating.

Situation Sunday: May 11, 2008

Welcome, Relax and let your imagination take over and play Situation Sunday. Please leave your link in the comments, and remember no cell phones are in use to help you solve the situations. Enjoy!!

Situation # 1
You boss has invited you and another co-worker out to supper. You both are up for the same promotion, and only one will get it. The boss is taking you both to his favorite restaurant, that happens to be owned by another member of his family. You order a steak well done. The entree comes and is set before you….You notice it is way under cooked, as you start on the vegetables you notice a few strands of hair in the mashed potatoes……..What do you do, or say when your waiter comes and asks you how everything is?

I would ask the waiter to please take the steak back and have it cooked properly and ask for more mashed potatoes. Why should I have to eat food I don’t like or can’t eat just for a job promotion?

Situation # 2
You have volunteered to answer phones at a help center for the weekend. Your first phone call comes from a 12 year old girl, that in between the tears you make out that she has caught her mother in bed with the neighbor and what should she do, she loves her Daddy and can’t understand grownup doings. What do you tell her?

I would talk to her in a calm, reassuring voice and let her know that both parents still love her. It is not her fault that this happened. I would ask her to describe in detail how she feels and encourage her to talk about herself. We will work together to find a solution.

Situation # 3
It is Mothers Day! Your Mom lives in the same town that you do. She has always been very critical of you, your whole life. Nothing you have ever done is right in her eyes. Now how do you Honor Thy Mother, and make Mothers Day Special ?

My mother passed away on April 3, 1991. I think about her all the time even though she has been gone for 17 years. The years have flown by and so much has happened in those years…I wish she had been here for it all.

Situation Sunday: May 4, 2008

There isn’t a Situation Sunday for this week.

The following was posted at Helena-SkyblueShall be skipped this week, and shall return next Sunday. I am off on a Holiday till Monday. Going to visit my friends at the Casino…..WhooHoo- —Wish me luck!”

There is also a super funny graphic posted…go check it out! I laughed until I cried!

Situation Sunday – April 27, 2008

Situation Sunday # 55

Situation # 1
Georgia, Texas and Virginia announced plans to execute a handful of convicted killers in May. Thus ending a de facto eight month nation moratorium on Capital punishment. You have a siblings that is among them. They truly are Innocent and have been framed. The real killer walks among you daily. What do you do?

I would try to find evidence to prove the my sibling is innocent. I would also talk to the lawyers involved and even do some investigating of my own.

Situation # 2

You have been surfing the net, and you come across a blog from a old flame. On it they have posted pictures that you gave them for their eye’s only. They also have let a few dark secrets out that you never wanted any one to know but them. What do you do?

I would contact that individual and ask them to remove the pictures and the posts containing the dark secrets. If they do not remove these items I will report them to the blog host and see about having charges drawn against them.

Situation # 3
You have 2 friends that have had a fallen out between them selves. It was caused by a 3rd party and the evil of rumors and gossip. Try as you may to invite these two people to do something together, and get over their ill feelings, nothing works. You are a very positive person and realize life is to short and precious to let the little things take over like they have. What do you do?

If they cannot see past their anger and come to a compromise then I would give up trying. I would do my best to see them separately and not force them to interact with each other. Someday (hopefully) they will be friends again.

Situation Sunday: