Finders Keepers

The following questions were posted a few years ago on “That’s My Answer“: If you saw someone drop at $20 bill from their pocket, and they didn’t notice they’d dropped it, would you alert them to it? What if it was $1? Or some change? When is it finders keepers and their loss is your gain?

If I saw them actually drop the $20 I would pick it up and hand it back to them. If it was only a $1 and I saw them actually drop it I would still hand it back to them. I am not so sure if I would pick up any change that fell…unless it was quarters, then I would give that to them.

It is only “finders keepers” if no one is around to claim the money that is found.   For example:  A few years, while shopping in a local store I used the bathroom and found a $20.00 on the floor.  I was alone in the bathroom and I had seen no one come out on my way in so I kept the $20.  Yes, I thought about turning it in but then I thought about how anyone could claim the money and that maybe, just maybe the person I turned it in to would keep it.  Was that bad? Wrong? Maybe.

I spent that $20 in the store. I just added it to my budget money and purchased an item or two I would not have been able to get otherwise.

Moody Mondays #4: Valentine’s Day

This weeks Moody Mondays is all about…Valentine’s Day!  Here is a quick word scramble for you to have fun with. Answers are below…highlight where it says start to where it says end.

Valentine’s Day
Scramble Answer
01. velaietnn
02. voel
03. edr
04. knip
05. wsfelro
06. hoecaoctl
07. iserdfn
08. aslblono
09. dcrsa
10. ufn

Leave a comment and/or post answers in your own blog!

Happy Blogging!



01. Valentine
02. Love
03. Red
04. Pink
05. Flowers
06. Chocolate
07. Friends
08. Balloons
09. Cards
10. Fun