Thursday This or That

Nostalgic toy favorite: Barbie or Easy Bake Oven? I didnt play with Barbie’s much as a child.  But I did play with my Easy Bake Oven and I loved it.  I spent countless hours making and eating yummy treats.  I even made treats for my stuffed animals (though I had to be kind enough to “help” them eat their tasty snack).

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Never going anywhere or Never settling down?  Never going anywhere is good for me.  I would love to stay home all day and hide from this cruel world.

Peanuts or Cashews? Cashews are yummy delicious. I really like chocolate covered cashews.  Peanuts are best if they are peanut butter. 

Musical movie: Pete’s Dragon or The Sound of Music?  I actually like both but prefer to watch Pete’s Dragon over The Sound of Music.


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Tattoo location: Wrist or Lower back? I would prefer to have a tattoo on my wrist.  I think tats on the lower back look silly.

Thursday This or That

Karaoke song choice: Don’t Stop Believin’ or Livin’ on a Prayer?

I think both or descent songs but I can probably sing “Livin’ on a Prayer” the best out of the two.

Flowery candle scent: Orange Blossom or Sweat Pea?

Orange Blossom

Book: The Help or Hunger Games?

The Hunger games.

Candy: Butterfinger or Kit Kat?

Butterfinger…matter of fact I just ate one.

Salad Dressing: Thousand Island or Oil and Vinegar?

Oil and Vinegar.  Tastes much better than Thousand Island.

Thursday This Or That: Nemo’s Nails Without Pulp

Orange juice: Pulp or No Pulp?  No Pulp for me please.  The pulp in orange juice makes me gag.


Long or Short Nails? Short nails work best for me since I spent most of my day typing on a computer. I do like long nails and so does my hubby but due to work I stick with short nails.


Sunrise or Sunset? Both are beautiful but I prefer sunsets. In order to see the sunrise I have to be awake early in the morning…I prefer to sleep in.

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CD’s or MP3 Players? MP3 players take up way less room in my house and I can store a lot of music that can travel with me.  I like having music I like at my fingertips.

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Finding Nemo or Shrek?  Shrek is ok but Nemo is so much better.  I really like Dory in Finding Nemo…she is such a dingbat!

This or That: John Stamos Was Sexy


Favorite Character: Mickey Mouse or Goofy? I prefer Goofy over Mickey Mouse.  Goofy is clumsy like me.

Sandwich: Chicken Cordon Bleu or Tuna Salad?  Tuna Salad, but not very often.  My husband hates the smell of Tuna Fish, it makes him gag.

TV Show Re-runs: Cosby Show or Full House?  I watched both as a kid but I prefer Full House.  John Stamos was a hottie!

Sledding or Ice Skating?  Sledding for me please.  I would rather be sitting on an sled and not falling on my butt trying to skate.


Use a recipe or Make one up yourself?   I prefer to follow a recipe.  I am not good at making them up.

This Or That: New Year’s Eve Version

Here we are with the New Year’s Eve edition. Come on and join us!

Big New Year’s Eve Bash or Intimate party with a few friends?

An intimate party with a few friends is more preferable. I don’t like crowds.

Cute little black dress or sparkly pant suit?

Sparkly pant suits…I don’t do dresses, I am very uncomfortable wearing them.

Appetizer: Prosciutto wrapped stuffed dates or Stuffed mushrooms?

Yummy, stuffed mushrooms. I don’t like dates.

Stay up til midnight or in bed early?

At home with the hubby, staying up until midnight to watch the Ball drop in Times Square.

Champagne or no champagne?

No, champagne! I have never liked champagne.

Mixture of This Or That

This was taken from the Thursday This or That meme.  It is three different posts combined into one.  Enjoy!

XBox or Playstation 3?

XBox…I enjoy a lot of games on the Xbox and find it easier to play.

Barbie or Bratz?

Barbie…that bitch has everything! Hehe

Bicycle or Skateboard?

Bicycle…my skateboarding skills are not so great.

Scrabble or Monopoly?

Scrabble…I enjoy games like Words With Friends and other Scrabble like games.

Soccer ball or Basketball?

Basketball…I even played when I was in Middle School and  High School (Coach Dillard  and Coach Sulser)

Black & White or Sepia Photos?

Black & White photos look the best to me…they look more natural.

House phone or Cell phone?

Cell Phone…it is with me all the time. I hardly ever remember to check my house phone for messages.

Cable TV or Satellite?

Cable TV…digital with Food Network!

Scrambled Eggs or Poached Eggs?

Scrambled Eggs…I have never liked  poached eggs.

Katy Perry or Lady Gaga?

Katy Perry…her music is fresh and gets me dancing.

Fave Author: Stephen King or Danielle Steel?

Stephen King…a good scare is fun now and then.

Fudge or Rice Krispie Treats?

Rice Krispie Treats with chocolate drizzled over the top.  Yummy

Temperatures always in the teens or always 100+?

That is just to extreme in both directions for me.  But since I have to choose I will take the 100+…more fun to be had in the heat!

Fave Craft: Scrapbooking or Painting?

Scrapbooking is much more fun than  painting. Besides, I dont paint very well.

This Or That

Christmas lights: White or Colored?

I love white lights on a Christmas Tree and on the outside of the house.  To me the white lights are very serene.

Real tree or Fake?

I have decided that I prefer fake trees…easier to take care of, don’t have to haul them all over town, don’t have to worry about disposing of them and don’t have to worry about the dogs eating them.

Themed ornaments or Sentimental ornaments?

Sentimental ornaments are my preference. They have a much deeper connection to those I love.

Sugar cookies or Gingerbread Men?

Sugar Cookies with thick, yummy icing!

Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate?

I drink hot  chocolate all year long and only drink Egg Nog during the month of December.  Mainly because that is when the local stores sell it.