Tina’s Tuesdays: Summer Fun

Tina’s Tuesdays: Summer Fun
Hosted by Tina Silva

1. What’s the current temperature outside in your area? It is currently 83 degrees but with the heat index it is nearly 90 degrees.
2. Have you gone swimming this summer yet?
I have not went swimming yet this summer, but there is still time to go πŸ™‚
3. What other plans do you have for the summer?
I don’t really have any plans for this summer. I would like to get a new job in Wisconsin and move there πŸ™‚

Tina’s Tuesdays: The News

Tina’s Tuesdays: The News
Hosted by Tina Silva

1. Do you follow what’s on the news everyday?
2. What sources do you use to hear about the news? (ie: newspaper, tv, internet, etc)
3. What latest story did you hear about that left you dumbfounded?

I read the news on the Internet everyday, including web site for local television stations and newspapers. I also subscribe to a few RSS Feeds for the news as well as receive email updates from local/state/US/International web site.

The latest story that left me dumbfounded was about a little boy that was beat to death by his father…while many adults watched. I do not remember where it happened but I do remember how angry I became after reading the story. I was shocked no one stepped in to help.

Tina’s Tuesdays: Your Online Habits

Tina’s Tuesdays
Hosted by Tina Silva

Topic: Your Online Habits

1. Which web browser do you use? (ex: Firefox, IE, etc) I use the latest version of Firefox but I have IE as a backup.
2. What is the first thing you do when you log onto the web? I check three different email accounts, then post in my blog.
3. How many hours do you spend on the web daily?
I am online all day at work (8 or 9 hours) then I am online when I get home until I go to bed. So a total of about 16 hours a day πŸ™‚

Tina’s Tuesdays: RSS Feeds

Tina’s Tuesdays
Hosted by Tina Silva

1. Do you subscribe to RSS Feeds?
2. If so, what sorts of sites do you subscribe to? If not, how come?
3. Have any favorite sites? Share them here!

I subscribe to RSS Feeds. I like a variety of sites but most of the ones I subscribe to are blogs.

A few that I subscribe to are:
That’s My Answer
WTIT: The Blog

Tina’s Tuesdays: Phobias

Tina’s Tuesdays: Phobias
Hosted by Tina Silva

1. What unusual phobias do you have? I am 37-years-old and I am still scared of the dark. And I am scared of needles (injections) – Trypanophobia.

2. Have you ever tried to conquer them? Every time I go to the doctor and he prescribe a B12 shot or requests the nurse to draw blood I have to face my fear of needles. I just close my eyes and turn my head the other way. I face my fear of the dark every day and conquer it by having a night light πŸ™‚ when I go to bed.

3. Do you know anyone who has even more unusual phobias? Not that I can think of right now.

Tina’s Tuesdays: Fill In The Blanks

Topic: Fill In The Blanks…

1. If I could go on a dream vacation, it would be to Ireland. I would love to visit the home land of my ancestors and see the beautiful countryside.

2. My 3 favorite things to do are: read, watch movies, and playing online games (such as World of Warcraft, Pogo.com, and Shockwave.com).

3. If I could change the world, I would start with better education of children at home and in the world.

Tina’s Tuesdays: The Last Thing

Tina’s Tuesdays: The last thing…
Hosted by Tina – http://tinastuesdays.blogspot.com/

1. What was the last thing you ate? Home-made Biscuits and Gravy…a lady at work made them for the office.

2. What was the last thing splurged on? Yesterday, I went to the convenient store next door and got a Hershey’s Chocolate bar.

3. What was the last thing you received in the mail? I received a new credit card to replace the one I reported stolen.